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From a Teacher's Perspective

My students had a great experience at Heritage School. They learned a lot, and enjoyed the opportunities and activities.” - SASD teacher

I love all the hands-on experiences. The students were motivated to try all activities. I like that aprons were available for girls that did not have outfits." - SASD teacher

This was my first trip to Heritage School and I was VERY impressed with the program presented. The students really enjoyed the trip and it was broken down to keep students engaged to the fullest.” - SASD teacher

The teacher and docent gave my class excellent insight into the education of children in the 1870s. They presented in terminology the children understood and provided fun, yet very educational, hands-on lessons. Thank you for letting us participate in this program.” - Parochial school teacher

Love this program and so do my students. It is so nice that this is local for us too! I’m not sure where else in the nearby community we would go to get a historic experience of a one room schoolhouse… Having this school in Sheboygan is a wonderful historic resource that needs to stay open and available for students learning Wisconsin’s state history." - Elkhart Lake teacher

Fantastic day! The students were so immersed in the time period. They really enjoyed learning the differences between their educational experiences and that of 1877. Thanks for a great experience!” - Manitowoc Teacher

Both presenters did a fabulous job relating to the kids and creating a very worthwhile experience. We are lucky to have such an opportunity in our area.” - Oostburg teacher

From a Student's Perspective

Thank you for letting us come. I liked the game with the handkerchief. I also liked writing with the ink.

Thank you for letting my class come to Heritage School to pretend that we were students in the 1800s.I had so much fun playing the games we played. I really liked the “Drop the Handkerchief” game. I hope I can come back there some time and do that finale of the spelling bee. I don’t know why I was so interested in the abacus but that does not matter, what matters is that I had fun. I hope I come in fifth grade!

Thank you for teaching me about what it was like back in the 1800s. Writing with the ink pen was really fun! Trying to memorize the memory gem was very hard, but I still remember it: The doors of wisdom are never shut. Thanks again.

Thank you for being the best teachers in 1877 at Heritage School. I enjoyed using the chalk and the quill pens. I learned that doing their penmanship is really hard. That was the most fun I ever had.

Thank you for a good time in 1877. I enjoyed when we used the quill pen. I learned that having a book was expensive. I had a great time. I would love it in 1877.

Thank you for being the best teachers in all of 1877. I enjoyed the Spelling Bee the most. I learned that it was a privilege to go to school in 1877.

Thank you for teaching us at Heritage School. My four favorite parts are… 1. Spelling bee because I won. 2. Who has the Button? because it was a game. 3. Penmanship because we wrote with ink pens. 4. (lastly) Arithmetic because that’s my second favorite subject.

Thank you for teaching us at Heritage School. My favorite activity was the button game and the penmanship. I learned a lot like your teacher had to sleep at your house because they had NO money (some but NOT a lot).

Thank you for teaching us at Heritage School. I had so much fun there. It was really cool actually being a girl from the 1800s and how they learned in school. I wish I could come back.

Thank you for teaching me what it was like in the 1800s. It was very fun for me. I loved the aprons you had for us. One of my favorite parts of the whole thing was when you showed me what the teachers did to the kids if they misbehaved.

I thought it was a really cool experience to see what Heritage School is like! My favorite thing about Heritage School that we did was using their old-fashioned pens. I really liked writing in their type of cursive. It was fun watching my classmates get punishments. Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you for teaching us at Heritage School. My favorite part was Penmanship. It felt good when I had my nose on the chalkboard. It tickled a bit. You should try it someday.

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