Translation and Interpretation Services

To request Translation or Interpretations services, send a detailed e-mail or call with the following information:
  • Your contact information (name, building, and phone number)
  • Student ID

Depending on the type of request, follow the procedure outlined below:

Interpretation (verbal)


  • Date and time of meeting (provide a list of alternate dates and times)
  • Location (School and room number)
  • Type of meeting (i.e. parent conference, IEP, orientation)
  • Have a copy of documents presented available to us.  Whenever there is a medical condition involved, we kindly ask that you provide these reports beforehand.  This is only to accurately interpret information shared.  If this cannot be done, we ask that you provide a list of medical terms and/or procedures that will be used during the meeting.
  • Please see the Translation Procedure below for documents that need translation.
Parental Contact/Relaying Information
  • Call or e-mail relaying the information.  Provide the most recent phone number known for the family.
  • The interpreter will decide if a conference call is needed with family, interpreter and other SASD staff member.

Tips from the Bilingual Specialists:
When we meet, make sure that you ALWAYS direct yourself to the parent, remember to pause frequently, and out of courtesy and respect - do not hold any side conversations.  If there are any recommendations or concerns on your behalf, please let us know.  Also, please remember that you must have Tom Nabel approve the use of an alternate approval at IEP meetings.

Translations (written)

  • Please provide the electronic file of the document needed to be translated via e-mail.  Please attach the Spanish document if previously translated. 
  • If you do not have the document saved in your computer, a paper copy is fine.  We will try to format the document to look identical as the English one.
  • Please include a date needed by for the document- provide a 2 week turn around time for translations.  This may seem to long for some of you but remember that we are in and out of the office attending meetings and do not want to promise something that we cannot deliver; however, this does not mean that exceptions cannot be made.
  • Brochures and other lengthy documents will need more time; we will provide an estimated date of delivery for these types of documents.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Any special/urgent requests will be handled case by case; please contact us if this is the case.

Contact Information:

Houa Yang Adriana Uribe
Hmong Bilingual Specialist Spanish Bilingual Specialist
phone: (920) 803-7770 phone: (920) 459-3698
email: email:

Office located at:
830 Virginia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI  53081
Fax: (920) 459-6713