The citizens of Sheboygan have a long tradition of pride in our community, our schools and our quality of life. The Sheboygan Area School District is a ten-time winner of the “What Parents Want Award” for having the qualities parents most often look for in a school system. The district has also consistently been ranked highly in the nation by Expansion Management magazine, a monthly business magazine for executives of companies that are actively looking for a place to expand or relocate.

The district is governed by a nine-member school board who adopts educational and fiscal policies, approves the annual budget and levies school taxes.

District Mission

The mission of the Sheboygan Area School District is to equip all students with a foundation of knowledge and skills through quality instruction, opportunities, and a positive learning environment, in an active partnership with the family and community, reinforcing values which will inspire them to access the opportunities of this society, strive for excellence in their endeavors and contribute as responsible citizens.

View our Long Range Plan to see how we are working toward our fulfilling our mission.

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